twice怎么读(twice怎么读音 新闻)

「八下词汇积累」Unit 1 + 语音领读

1. have/catch/have got(a) cold感冒

have(a) bad cold患重感冒

have a fever/temperature 发烧

take one’s temperature 量体温

have a medical exam 做体检

have a blood test 做血检

2. have a stomachache =have a pain in one's stomach胃痛

3. have a sore throat = have a pain in one’s throat喉咙痛

have a sore back背痛

4. have a headache头疼

have a bad headache头疼得厉害

have lots of headaches经常头痛

5. have a toothache牙疼

have a nosebleed流鼻血

6. have a fever发烧

have a high/ low fever发高烧/低烧

7. have/ drink some hot tea with honey


have/ drink enough water喝足够的水

have / drink lots of water喝大量的水

have/ drink a little water喝一点水

have/ drink little water几乎不喝水

drink up喝光

food and drink食物和饮料

soft drink软饮料(不含酒精)

8. lie down躺下

tell a lie撒谎

9. have a rest = rest休息

have a good rest好好休息

have a short rest短暂休息

10. see a dentist 看牙医

see a doctor/go to a doctor /go to hospital


「八下词汇积累」Unit 1 + 语音领读

11. get an X-ray照X光

12. take one’ s temperature给某人量体温

13. cough badly = have a bad cough


14. take breaks away from… 离….去休息

take a ten-minute break休息十分钟

15. in the same way用相同的方式

in this way用这种方法;以这样的方式

in that way以那样的方式

in the way/ in one' s way挡道;妨碍(某人)

in a way从某方面来说;在某种程度上

a way to do/ a way of doing sth.


16. see an old man lying on the side of the road


see sb. doing sth. 看见某人正在做某事

see sb. do sth.看见某人做了某事

17. shout for help呼救;大声喊救命

shout for joy欢呼

shout for the team为球队助威

shout at sb. 对某人吼叫/大声叫嚷

shout to sb. 朝某人喊

18. get off下来 get on上去

19. have a heart problem


students' problems学生们的问题

have problems doing sth.做某事有困难

20. take sb. / sth. to sp. / sb.


take sb. to do sth.带某人去做某事

「八下词汇积累」Unit 1 + 语音领读

21. expect sb. to do sth. 期望某人做某事

expect to do sth. 期待去做某事

22.wait for the next bus等待下一班车

wait for sb. to do sth. 等待某人去做某事

wait on sb.侍候某人

23. to one' s surprise

24. 使某人惊讶的是;出乎某人的意料

to one's joy 令某人高兴的是

to one’s delight令某人高兴的是

to one's regret使某人遗憾的是

to one' s taste符合某人的口味

24.agree to do sth.同意做某事

agree to sth. 同意某事

agree on sth. 对某事有同样看法;

agree with sb.同意某人;与某人(某观点)一致;

25.help sb. (to) do sth. 帮助某人去做某事

help sb. with sth.帮助某人(做)某事

26. thanks to / because of幸亏;多亏;由于

thanks for doing sth.

= thank sb. for doing sth.


27. save sb. in time及时挽救某人

save one's life挽救某人的生命

save sb. a place替某人保留一个座位

save money存钱

save one's face保全某人面子

save sb. a lot of time为某人节省大量时间

28. think about考虑;思考;思索

think of记起;想起;想出;提出

think over仔细考虑;重新考虑

29. right away / right now/ at once

/ in a minute /in a moment


「八下词汇积累」Unit 1 + 语音领读

30. get into trouble陷入困境

get out of trouble摆脱不幸;摆脱困境

31. fall down摔倒;倒塌

fall behind落后;落在….的后面

fall in love with爱上…..

32. have problems / trouble/

difficulty ( in) doing sth.做某事有困难/麻烦

33. put on穿上;带上;上演;演出;增加

put away把….收起来;储…..备用;处理掉;抛弃

put down放下;记下;拒绝;镇压;制止

put off推迟;延迟

put out 把….扔到外面;清理掉;熄灭;

put up张贴;举起;搭建

34.get hit (on the head)挨打(脑袋撞了)

get sunburned晒伤

get hurt受伤

feel sick 感到恶心

35. in a certain order按一定的顺序

in the right/ correct order按正确的顺序

in the wrong order按错误的顺序

in order to do sth.为了去做某事

order sb. to do sth.命令某人去做某事

36. be interested in.. .对….感兴趣

have an interest in…对….有兴趣

show an interest in..表现出.对…感兴趣

take an interest in… ……感兴趣

lose interest in…对…..失 去兴趣

go after interests追求利益

give up interests放弃利益

37. be used to doing sth.

38. 习惯于做某事;适应做某事

be used to do sth. 被用来做某事

38. take risks/ take a risk冒险

risk one's life冒着生命危险

risk doing sth.冒险做某事

39. lose one's life丧生

live a happy life过着幸福的生活

lead an easy life过着安逸的生活

waste one' s life浪费生命

40. in a very dangerous situation


situation comedy情景喜剧

situation conversation情景对话

「八下词汇积累」Unit 1 + 语音领读

41. (sth.) run out (某东西)用尽;用光;耗尽

(sb.) run out of sth. (某人)用尽某东西;(某人)把某东西用光了

42. cut off切除;砍掉;割掉;切断

cut down砍倒;把…倒;减少;降低

cut up切碎

43. too much + 不可数名词 太多….

much too+形容词/副词….

have too much homework to do


much too difficult/easy太难/容易

44. get out of离开;从.小中出来

get into进入;陷入

45.tell (sb.) of..告诉(某人)有…的情况

tell sb. sth.告诉某人某事

tell ( sb. ) about… 告诉(某人)有…的情况

tell sb.to do sth.告诉某人去做某事

46.be in control of 掌管;管理

be under control被控制住

be out of control失去控制

lose control of失去.对…..的控制

47. keep on ( doing sth.) 继续、坚持(做某事)

keep in touch with..与…保持联系

keep up with跟上

47.the same as…和…..样

at the same time同时

all the same仍然

be in the same boat同舟共济

49. between a rock and a hard place


between grass and hay处于青少年时期

50. go mountain climbing去爬山

「八下词汇积累」Unit 1 + 语音领读

51. give up (doing sth.) 放弃(做某事)

give away赠送;赠予;颁发

give back归还;恢复

give in屈服;投降;让步

give off发出;放出;散发出;放射出

give out分发;散发;耗尽;用完

52. feel well/feel healthly感觉身体好;

feel better感觉好多了

feel like doing sth. =want to do sth.

= would like to do sth.想做某事

53.know of知道;听说

know about知道;了解

54.hurt oneself doing sth. 做某事时伤到自己

55. it doesn’t sound like +从句 听起来不像…

56. without thinking twice

= without a second thought不假思索

「八下词汇积累」Unit 1 + 语音领读

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